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Each member of the family had their own pot of ashes to scatter.
The scatter diagrams of the sample regions using FMD and AMD are shown in Figs.
As one of God's most beautiful places on earth, Sedona offers a blessed surrounding to scatter ashes to the heavenly winds.
2] scatters light, and, to the extent feasible, paint formulators should provide conditions that allow these particles to remain as far from one another as possible.
4]; thus, the solution of particles will scatter light with an intensity more than ninefold greater for violet (400 nm) than for red (700 nm) light (5).
Apparently quite carefully composed, Donovan's sculptures are scatter pieces without randomness; and given their shallow-to-flat plane and their landscape trace, they are also something like painterly.
Thirty-one percent of respondents told Cotton Incorporated's Home Study that they were willing to pay more for 100 percent cotton bath and scatter rugs, compared with 64 percent for towels and 56 percent for sheets.
HPPS back scatter optics minimise multiple scattering by automatically optimising the scattering path length.
The back scatter optics in the recently introduced Malvern HPPS (High Performance Particle Sizer) are enabling the accurate measurement of a range of high concentration samples without the need for dilution.
Just as each water droplet in the fog scatters light, so small components of tissue scatter light.
Low scatter fields were defined as those in "which the underlying principles are well developed, the literature is well organized, and the width of the subject area is fairly well defined" (p.