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"What do you mean by their getting scattered?" inquired Dorothy.
If we find them scattered, all we can do is to sweep 'em up, and then go about our business."
Perhaps the food won't be scattered as badly as the people."
"Then let us find it," replied the Wizard, and so all got down on their hands and knees and began examining the scattered pieces.
A piece of his left knee is missing, having been lost years ago when he scattered himself too carelessly.
The Yellow Hen had sharp eyes and could put her head close to the various pieces that lay scattered around.
"If we did, we'd leave these folks scattered," she returned, and this retort made everybody laugh good-naturedly.
"But I don't like to leave all these poor people scattered," said Dorothy, undecided what to do.
He stopped, leant against the trunk of a tree, and gazed without seeing them at some stones scattered on the bank of the dry river-bed.
to get rid of his scattered holdings on the various creeks, and without thanks to any one he finished his conduit, built his dredges, imported his machinery, and made the gold of Ophir immediately accessible.
They can also provide suggestions about the best ways to scatter ashes and to make the ceremony more memorable.
The ability of [TiO.sub.2] to scatter light in a coating depends on particle size; the difference in refractive index of the [TiO.sub.2] particle and its surroundings; and the proximity of the [TiO.sub.2] particles to one another.