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Scatter radiation, particularly Compton scatter, causes great alarm because it is the major source of exposure to the R.
A tissue equivalent material was used to simulate beam attenuation and scatter radiation from facial tissues.
Many clinicians are surprised to find the levels of scatter radiation they are exposed to during X-ray exams.
Another beneficial safety feature is the RADBarrier, which reduces scatter radiation to protect not only the patients but also to reduce exposure for surgeons and staff during fluoroscopically-guided procedures.
Because many of these procedures start by inserting a catheter in the femoral artery and then guiding it under fluoroscopy to the target organ in the abdominal or thoracic cavity, the gonads are highly likely to receive a certain amount of the primary beam, as well as scatter radiation.
But as the cosmos cooled, much of the celestial fog lifted: Ions and electrons combined into atoms, which absorb and scatter radiation less.
Due to the patient's large size, considerable scatter radiation was generated during the lateral exposure.