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Describing the teenager as "really professional and switched on", Rudd added: "If she has got a fault she is a bit of a scatterbrain, but that is part of her charm and personality and I wouldn't necessarily want to change that because that is who she is.
Multiple talents of young people are wasted as they are sent on meaningless and scatterbrain government-funded programmes which do little but line the pockets of the companies involved.
Not that this actually mattered to a packed crowd who happily sang every lyric of fan favourites Slackerpop and Scatterbrain.
On one hand you think it's someone who's a bit of a scatterbrain, where literally thoughts fly off like spores.
23 In which 1950s sitcom was dance band leader Ricky Ricardo's patience sorely tried by his scatterbrain wife?
Then there's the scatterbrain who burns the vegetables on a regular basis and forgets to buy the provisions for the household, then looks at the hungry squad that awaits her and utters a very puzzled, "What?
And youngest, who seemed to spend years 'interviewing' as he called it, every chubby blonde scatterbrain on the planet has now married a dark haired, dark-eyed sensible girl who has a figure to die for.
Scatterbrain GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips once walked home from the shops, completely forgetting she'd travelled there by car.
Poor Richard Cordery - the Malvolio, and a good reliable actor - comes on in yellow and black biker skins, which is how this scatterbrain design interprets the well known cross-gartering.
He's sound, but keeps running off at every bend - I don't know why; perhaps he's just a scatterbrain.
Fforde's heroine, a shapely scatterbrain called Thursday Next, slips smoothly from her own eccentric reality into the pages of a well-known book and back again in the time it takes to turn a page.
I hate quarterbacks,'' muttered Papadakis, a self-proclaimed obsessive-complusive scatterbrain.