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The book doesn't stop with the science of brain operations: it accompanies strategies for changing our own brains and emotions and addresses many common problems, from being terminally scatterbrained to being in a state of distress.
One of the highlights of the borough's annual remembrance activities is to be scrapped in future years amid scatterbrained health and safety fears.
Warmly welcomed by her eccentric mother, Dot (Oscar winner Cloris Leachman, The Last Picture Show), and her scatterbrained sister, Catherine (Emily Rutherfurd), Ellen is persuaded by her high school teacher (Martin Mull, Fernwood 2Nite) to take a job as the school's guidance counselor.
But what about the careless, untidy, scatterbrained mate?
In Fright of the Bumblebees, scatterbrained inventor Wallace and his crafty canine companion Gromit embark on a new honey enterprise, "From Bee to You.
Maybe a few scatterbrained youths are behind this crime.
She's been a bit scatterbrained sometimes," the trainer said yesterday, "but she's got plenty of ability, and being in foal may make a difference.
A strong company includes husband and - wife team Rob and Denise Phillips, and there's a cameo role for Tony Rogers, who was such a remarkably flexible Scarecrow in The Scatterbrained Scarecrow of Oz last autumn.
Joy (Jaime Pressly), the vindictive, scatterbrained ex-wife of long-suffering Earl Hickey (Jason Lee), exploits poor Earl at every turn.
Dr Andrew Wakefield, who started the scare, and the scatterbrained followers of his junk medicine, should be ashamed of themselves.
Psychologist Todd Campbell gives four steps you can put into practice right now to help get your thought house in order and eliminate scatterbrained tendencies:
On his recent trip to Europe he sounded scatterbrained and, at times, downright mean-spirited.