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Depending on the material and the scatter quantity, different types of scatter rolls are used.
Scatter diagram of the normalized scattering vectors in standard 2simplex is shown in Fig.
2] to scatter light in a coating depends on particle size; the difference in refractive index of the [TiO.
The terminology "super events" refers to the special phenomenon observed from the measured sea clutters, which includes sea spikes [14], polarization independence [15], faster scatters [16] and expanded width of Doppler spectrum [17].
It will be assumed that the material inside the cuvette both absorbs and scatters the light passing through it.
In the presence of light scattering, the light scatters in all directions, but the intensity varies according to the angle [theta] (the angle between the line of observation and the x axis) and the expression 1 + [cos.
Just as each water droplet in the fog scatters light, so small components of tissue scatter light.
Such an antenna, when terminated in a matched load, will absorb exactly the same amount of power that it scatters.
Animal tissue also scatters light, making it difficult to use visible or infrared light as a probe to locate and characterize tumors within the body.
22] are square matrices that quantify how energy scatters among the different eigen-modes.
For a homogeneous, isotropic, monatomic and dilute gas sample of particle number density [rho], neutron scattering can be described by the so-called coherent wave that scatters off a macroscopic optical potential.
They have found, for instance, that a jumble of foreign atoms randomly distributed among a wire's metal atoms scatters an electron wave, frequently changing its direction in much the same way as tiny globules in milk scatter light to give the liquid its characteristic white color and opaque appearance (SN: 3/23/91, p.