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2008), who reported that free radicals are markedly scavenge by medicinal plants.
edulis butanol fraction is able to scavenge the highly reactive hydroxyl radical through peroxide oxidation unlike in the hydrogen peroxide assay where the ethylacetate fraction inhibits or scavenge hydroxyl radical better than the entire fractions.
This further showed the capability of the extracts to scavenge different free radicals in different systems, indicating that they may be useful therapeutic agents for treating radical related pathological damage.
Because of the blockade's devastating economic impact, children are being forced to work and scavenge near the fence.
The ability of AN and BC to scavenge hydrogen peroxide radical is shown in Fig.
The chromophore formation was not complete in the presence of VT and CA, which scavenge the NO thus formed from the sodium nitroprusside and hence the absorbance decreases as the concentration of the extracts increases in a dose dependent manner.
A firm that left its workforce to scavenge in fields for food after not paying them for more than a month has had its licence revoked, the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) said yesterday.
Summa reports that more intense roasting to obtain darker colored beans reduced acrylamide levels, but also negatively affected the ability to scavenge free radicals, as measured with electropara-magnetic resonance (EPR).
The STC requires the starter adaptor assembly be changed to p/n 642087A63, which includes an oil scavenge pump; p/n 652087A64 does not have a scavenge pump installed.
The screening of the compounds, which scavenge the reactive oxygen species, could lead to promising radioprotectors.
Endurance running, unique to humans among primates, probably let our ancestors hunt and scavenge over great distances.