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She used to accompany her mother and sisters while they scavenged since she was a baby.
KJS hominins not only scavenged these head remains, they also transported them some distance to the archaeological site before breaking them open and consuming the brains.
The teams had to trek 20km and spend a weekend in shelters they made from scavenged material in a field near Edale in the Peak District.
During each 12-hour check, if the chicken was no longer present or was at least 50% missing, it was considered to be scavenged.
In the lab he observed that spiders starved for two weeks and offered both live and dead prey simultaneously tended to avoid live prey and instead scavenged on dead prey.
When this occurred, we followed the common raven to identify the scavenged animal to species level, if possible, or to family or order otherwise.
To give the transmitter enough power for its occasional bursts of activity, the device would need to accumulate scavenged energy in some sort of long-lived battery.
Most compounds that inhibited peroxidation scavenged the 1,1'-dipheny1-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical, indicating that the inhibition was due to radical scavenging.
The club was designed and built by three fifth-year students who resourcefully begged and scavenged materials.