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Clove bud essential oil had the highest DPPH radical scavenging capacity of 285.
India banned manual scavenging in 1993 but the ban remained largely unenforced.
Bee'ah has said that it is doing all it can to put an end to the practice of scavenging.
scavenging from skips on the roadway has been going on for a long time.
However, the extent to which this technique alters the degradation rate of polyphenols, anthocyanins and o-diphenols and antioxidant activity (free-radical scavenging activities) in Ghanaian cocoa beans during roasting remains unknown.
We used direct observations and remote cameras to document scavenging of migratory bird carcasses.
The continuance of manual scavenging manifests violation of rights to life, liberty, dignity and equality.
Scavenging is a common behavior in many animal species and has been documented more commonly in recent years with advances in technology (Wilmers et al.
Proteins also have excellent potential as antioxidant additives in foods because they can inhibit lipid oxidation through multiple pathways including inactivation of reactive oxygen species, scavenging free radicals, chelation of prooxidative transition metals, reduction of hydroperoxides, and alteration of the physical properties of food systems.
We're presently observing a situation of high levels of waste scavenging activity, where violators are collecting volumes of recyclable paper and cardboard from municipal waste collection bins located around Sharjah, and selling them directly to scrapers.
Both articles were petitioned by residents who said the scavenging is an invasion of privacy and poses safety and health issues.
DuPont Nutrition & Health, New Century7, KS, has introduced Guardian Chelox L, a unique, patent-pending blend of natural plant extracts with antioxidant properties that combines strong metal chelation and free-radical scavenging to create a n on-allergenic natural solution available for preserving the freshness of food emulsions.