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Another newcomer, the poisonous Lagocephalus sceleratus puffer fish, puts several people in the hospital each year.
Length-weight relationship of two puffer fishes, Lagocephalus sceleratus and Lagocephalus spadiceus, from Iskenderun Bay, northeastern Mediterranean, Turkey.
the nematodes Parapharyngodon sceleratus Travassos, 1923, Physaloptera retusa Rudolphi, 1819, Physalopteroides venancioi Lent, Freitas, & Proenca, 1946, and Spauligodon oxkutzcabiensis (Chitwood, 1938) and the pentastomid Raillietiella mottae Almeida, Freitas and Lopes, 2008, (Table 1).
El les dira: todos vosotros sois sceleratos [sic: sceleratus = malvados] y bribones: vuestras esposas son todas mujeres perdidas: yo vengo a vivir, no obstante con vosotros.
Native to the Indo-Pacific region, Lagocephalus sceleratus -- a species of highly poisonous puffer fish -- first arrived in the Mediterranean around 10 years ago after it spread through the Red Sea and Suez Canal.
Glyceria triflora 2 Beckmannia syzigachne Equisetum fluviatile Eleocharis palustris Eleocharis mamillata 1 r Companions Ranunculus sceleratus r Agrostis stolonifera r Persicaria hydropiper r Bidens raidatus Area ([m.
Poaceae) bearing green spikes on a straight axis Ranunculcus Kabikaj, Water Annual herb sceleratus L.
According to Agriculture Minister Sophocles Aletraris, the fisheries department has come up with a scheme to "combat" the proliferate Lagocephalus sceleratus pufferfish.
TUNIS (TAP) - "Lagocephalus sceleratus," popularly known as cofferfish or "Bouchkara," which has been spotted lately on the Ajim coasts, Medenine Governorate, is a toxic fish but is not potentially fatal, the Agriculture and Environment Ministry announced.
48) Quis ergo sic est sceleratus et perfidus, quis sic discordiae furore vesanus, ut aut credat scindi posse aut audeat scindere uuitatem Dei, vestem Domini, Ecclesiam Christi?
Suffice it to say that the common elements are Saturn, who presided over the Age, Astraea who symbolizes the Justice that reigned supreme then, and Avaritia, the Ovidian "amor sceleratus habendi", (Met.