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We want to determine whether the model specified by historical data can satisfy all scenarios within a given severity range, not just each scenario within the range individually.
A scenario is essentially a story about the future that helps people understand the forces of change and the collective choices they have.
Scenario 2 was developed to be similar to the diet of a typical vegetarian in the UK.
Scenario planning is a discipline that involves building a set of internally consistent potential futures where plans can be played out, allowing participants to change their thinking and improve decision making, which fosters human and organization learning, and improves performance.
These scenarios encompass development of the site as a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at varying scales, varying mix of uses and residential densities.
Procedures Students completed the Epistemological Scenario before taking their second exam in Introductory Biology.
The third scenario is the same as the second, but the employee's sale of the home to the employer at the higher amended price hinges on the employer's entering into a contract (acting through the agent) with the actual prospective buyer the employee located.
The third scenario is the same as the second, but with a variation in the terms and conditions of the amended value option.
Scenario planning enables us to address market, raw material, or product-related risks and opportunities for growth and profitability.
Unlike the film, though, the scenario follows Malcolm from this scene to an image of Laura-alone--on the streets.
The first scenario provides for an increase in the annual interest rate of public debt by 0.