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We expect Dolby Vision to deliver the very best video experience possible on Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, and Scenarist UHD is there to enable our customers to address the strong demand from studios and content distributors to release Ultra HD Blu-ray titles with Dolby Vision.
Scenarist has seen an impressive support from the industry and the company is committed to offering technical support to high-end technical facilities and the innovation Hollywood demands, said Scenarist managing partner Rolf Hartley.
Sonic's complete line of production systems for professional BD authoring, encoding, menu optimization, and quality assurance includes Scenarist BD Studio, an affordably priced suite of tools for BD authoring, encoding and emulation that is perfect for facilities initiating new BD services that embrace the surge in format popularity and consumer adoption.
Other key changes are built around Sonic Scenarist BD - the world's leading professional BD authoring solution for post-production houses and authoring facilities.
Now, content owners can quickly and efficiently direct the redeployment of their materials into revised and new BD titles and speed product to market faster than ever using Scenarist BD.
Hanan said that this would be the first film that she'll be working on with the scenarist Bilal Fadel and that he wowed her with the scenario of the film once he showed it to her.
To further enable the authoring community, Sonic will offer its Scenarist HD DVD customers a special promotion to exchange their authoring system(s) for a Scenarist BD system.