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She had won two incontestable triumphs in her first scene.
But, as the play proceeded, nothing roused them to any genuine expression of interest when Magdalen was absent from the scene.
Lucy's two telling scenes, at the end of the first and second acts, were sufficiently removed from the scenes in which Julia appeared to give time for the necessary transformations in dress.
Miss Garth left her when the overture began, sitting apart in a corner behind the scenes, serious and silent, with her smelling-bottle in one hand, and her book in the other, resolutely training herself for the coming ordeal, to the very last.
The audience were in fits of laughter over this scene, for Rose imitated Mrs.
This closing scene was brief but striking, for two trains of cars whizzed in from opposite sides, met with a terrible collision in the middle of the stage, and a general smash-up completed the word catastrophe.
So everyone but Mac, the gay Westerner, and Rose, took their places on the rocky seats and discussed the late beautiful and varied charade, in which Pokey frankly pronounced her own scene the "bestest of all.
The blacks who had witnessed his advent looked on in amazement as they saw the naked giant leap easily into the branches of the tree from whence he had dropped so uncannily upon the scene, and vanish as he had come, bearing away their prisoner with him.
You acknowledge that you have not read the later scenes of the piece,' he said.
He turned the leaves again; attempting vainly to discover the meaning of the confused scenes that followed.
However, when gridlines were superimposed over normal and jumbled scenes (to equate the number of line terminators, Figures 1b and 1c), the effect of scene structure on duration judgments only emerged when participants were also required to pay attention to scene structure.
These facts add to the stresses of the crime scene photographer to successfully document scenes, as well as the location and sometimes the collection of evidence.