scene of destruction

See: shambles
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The horrible scene of destruction was continually before my eyes.
In violent and extraordinary contrast with this scene of destruction, close at hand were the huge newspaper establishments of Park Row.
A dog walker came across the scene of destruction while she was out with her pet on Tuesday morning.
One witness last night described the scene of destruction which greeted distraught homeowners.
Scene of destruction where the bingo hall used to stand
In Kersbrook, one of the worst hit villages in the Adelaide Hills, resident Dave Miller, surveyed the scene of destruction where his home once stood.
Reece Blakey twice broke into Holly Ridley's home while she was abroad visiting her father, causing a scene of destruction.
The scene of destruction after the changing rooms fire at Bradley Park Playing Fields.
They left a scene of destruction at the Hawkesbury Village site, dedicated to Sgt Simon Valentine, who was killed in Afghanistan four years ago.
The scene of destruction after the car crashed into the bungalow last month TERRY BLACKBURN
CAVED IN: A scene of destruction following a raid during the Blitz in over Birmingham in 1940.