scene of destruction

See: shambles
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The horrible scene of destruction was continually before my eyes.
In violent and extraordinary contrast with this scene of destruction, close at hand were the huge newspaper establishments of Park Row.
THIS is the scene of destruction left behind after ramraiders used a stolen tractor to smash through a wall at a petrol station.
SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack said: "I was completely taken aback by the scene of destruction and devastation outside this family home.
The scene of destruction was caused by a silver Ford Focus being repeatedly reversed into the shutters at around 5am.
THIS is the scene of destruction left after a truck was used in a failed ram raid.
THE budget hotel which was torn apart in a digger rampage now looks almost unrecognisable from the scene of destruction left behind last month.
Alexander Adams left a scene of destruction at the victim's Fixby home after throwing around plant pots and wrecking a wrought iron bench.
Surveying the scene of destruction, neighbours spoke of their shock.
Det Con Alan Reeves, of West Midlands Police's high harm and vulnerability team, said: "The victim returned to what she described as a 'scene of destruction'.