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He got together, therefore, his army, formidable at the same time for its composition and its numbers, and hastened to meet Monk, who, on his part, like a prudent navigator sailing amidst rocks, advanced by very short marches, listening to the reports and scenting the air which came from London.
But before the whip could reply, the hare, scenting the frost coming next morning, was unable to rest and leaped up.
By that delightful morning when the hay-ricks at Stone Court were scenting the air quite impartially, as if Mr.
A rather good-looking Ouled-Nail was dancing, and, perceiving Tarzan's European clothes, and scenting a generous gratuity, she threw her silken handkerchief upon his shoulder, to be rewarded with a franc.
Mukhorty, who had been neighing for some time past, now scenting a mare ahead of him started after her, and they drove out into the street.
It was she that discovered us, and the pair stood and looked up at us, silently, with twitching, scenting nostrils.
He did not know that it was a wolverine, standing outside, all a- trembling with its own daring, and cautiously scenting out the contents of the cave.
But really to put any woman within scenting distance of such a secret and suppose that she would not track it out!