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Headquartered in Bermuda with offices in New York and representative offices in London and Beijing, Scepter is a standing syndicate of ruling families, ultra-high-net-worth industrialists and sovereign wealth funds.
The tubular cross-flow technology and 316L stainless steel construction make SCEPTER membrane systems virtually 'bullet-proof', and allow processing of a wide variety of difficult, dirty of hostile streams, over a broad range of chemical conditions, pressures and temperatures.
Depending upon the concentration of the Selar RB resin added to the blend, according to Scepter, the solvent barrier of laminar containers can be as much as 100 times that of containers made of an often-used competitive polymer.
Digital Scepter helps organizations of all sizes protect their mission-critical data, control employee Internet access, and navigate the complex landscape of security technology.
A unique tool, the Scepter Solvent features an innovative fluid delivery system," said Harry Peters, Scepter Product Manager in Semitool's Semi- Automated Equipment Division.
CORE's industry- leading solutions are an excellent fit to our existing services and offerings," said Jon Robinson, President at Digital Scepter.
Scepter NT will be available in Q1 1998, and contains all the required data library interoperability and tool integration to work seamlessly in a mixed UNIX, AIX, Windows '95 or NT OS environment.
With the introduction of the Scepter instrument, we now have a range of tools that help life scientists simplify tedious, repetitive tasks and improve the reproducibility of their experiments.
As a part of the program, Mentor Graphics will offer their Board Station(TM) customers a 28 percent savings off the list price of Scepter fabrication software -- as well as one free Scepter software seat for a fabrication partner sponsored by the Board Station user.
PINK SHEETS:VTST) (the "Company") having received notice on January 9th, 2006 from Scepter Holdings Inc.
Flewer, a longtime rival, desperately seeks to destroy Indiana Cones' discovery and steal the scepter from him.
Robert Torokvei and Christopher Luck stated that the reason for their resignation was primarily due to the fact that they wanted to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest in their role with Vitalstate's board, given their positions within Scepter Holdings Inc.