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Unlike previous efforts, the temperature data from various sources was not homogenised by hand - a key criticism by climate sceptics.
Sally Morgan was challenged by the Merseyside Sceptic Society to complete a simple test which they say will prove whether her abilities are genuine.
And the Euro sceptic MPs for Nuneaton (Marcus Jones) and North Warwickshire (Dan Byles) are part of the right wing faction opposing the Prime Minister.
A sceptic, of course, would say that agents accustomed to drumming up interest in their playing clients, now do the same for managers.
Are we as a nation finally breaking free of the sceptic shackles of the Murdoch press, the daily frighteners and the special or disastrous relationship with US wars, which have cost us so dearly in lives and taxes?
According to the book's introduction, the dictionary is aimed at four distinct audiences - open-minded people who do not blindly accept nor dismiss out of hand occult beliefs, the soft sceptic who is prone more to doubt than to believe, the hardened sceptic who has strong beliefs, and the believing doubter.
But the sceptic of the word-manipulating class is sceptical above all things of the validity and worth of his own work, because if all communications are suspect, so are his own.
5 degrees over the past 250 years has made a leading climate change sceptic change his mind.
Svavarsson pays a special attention to the central piece of evidence for Pyrrho's views, a passage from the Peripatetic philosopher Aristocles of Messene, which is usually read in two opposing ways, presenting Pyrrho either as an advocate of the metaphysical thesis of the indeterminacy of things, or as a sceptic who insists that we cannot decide how things really are.
I mean, sceptic is one of the politer terms being used to describe those who do not embrace calamity.
Euro sceptic Nick Budgen raged: "We've got to offer a choice and show we're different from Labour.
London, March 20 (ANI): A sceptic challenged an Indian tantric to kill him live on television, after the guru proclaimed that he could kill another man using only his mystical powers.