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So DA Pam 750-8 allows units a 10-percent variance when missions interfere with scheduled service dates.
Remind employees that fieldwork begins on 10/27 and is scheduled to end on 10/31.
In classified balance sheets, the temporary difference attributable to the valuation allowances on current marketable equity securities should be scheduled to result in a deductible amount in the year following the balance sheet date.
Douglas Bookman, professor of biblical studies at The Master's College in Newhall, is scheduled to be the chief speaker at the service, and the 65-member Town Singers are scheduled to provide music.
A certain number of hours--or even a specific time period--can be set aside for scheduled maintenance so as to prevent scheduling conflicts.
ReadiConvene is packaged and priced to provide customers with an easy-to-order, cost-effective, single-platform solution that is optimized for IP, while still offering all the industry-leading features of the Polycom MGC, including both on-demand and scheduled conferencing.
The 2004 User Conference is scheduled for October 2004.
Physicians will now be able to be scheduled and staffed on certain call shifts based on their applicable skills.
Significant additions to enterprise job scheduling product line scheduled for last quarter 2003 and early 2004
This information is used to simulate traffic flows, device usage, and bandwidth consumption at any given moment on the network, ensuring that all the necessary resources are available for any given conference at the scheduled time.
Fully integrated with the industry-leading TotalView Workforce Management solution, the WebStation feature reduces the time spent handling administrative tasks and paperwork by providing access to schedules, notifications of schedule changes, scheduled activity reminders, and processing of schedule trade and bid requests using a standard Web browser.
Video Conferencing WorldWide (VCWW), a leading systems integrator and authorized GSS reseller in the United Kingdom, secured the DfES order, which is scheduled for deployment by mid-June.