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The Young Schema Questionnaire--Long Form, Third Edition (YSQ-L3; Young & Brown 2003), a 232-item self-report measure, was used to assess early maladaptive schemas.
New comparison engine: completely redesigned database schema compare engine is faster, more efficient, easily configurable and scalable.
These meta-structures are classified into three categories addressing schema construction, lifespan and context.
A schema mapping is a high-level specification that describes the relationship between two database schemas.
These are referencing to the schema, including the schema, importing the schema, and redefining the schema elements.
Problem solving involves the activation of contextual schema, language, and mathematical schema stored in long-term memory.
The general consensus appears to be that while XML documents and schemas are ideal for defining the structural, formatting, and encoding constraints for a particular domain's metadata scheme, a different type of language is required for defining meaning or semantics.
We developed the XML Schema Importer in response to the expanding use of XML across our customer base," said Mercator CTO David Linthicum.
Cognitive theories of psychosocial well-being are based on the notion of schemas (Beck, 1967).
Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University and Schema Therapy Institute of New York
A semi-automatic mapping mechanism has been proposed for the application schema to relational schemas of standard database with the utilization of the domain ontology.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) issues XML Schema as a W3C Recommendation.

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