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History of child abuse and severity of adult depression: the mediating role of cognitive schema.
Carroll's manipulation of social and linguistic context and schemas in this literary piece has created a non-sense world that disrupts the reader's existing schema and yet they accept and even identify with it by the end of the narrative.
As part of the initial intake assessment, patients complete a number of self-report measures, including the Young Schema Questionnaire--Long Form, Third Edition (YSQ-L3; Young & Brown 2003), the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT; Saunders et al.
xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server version 4 reflects the experience gathered during 8 years from over 30,000 installations of xSQL Object (the predecessor schema comparison and synchronization tool) worldwide.
In an extended theoretical study in [8] we develop a formal notion of schema morphisms, show that the corresponding category of schemata with these morphisms is finitely complete and co-complete, and also show that the algebra in this paper is well-defined and complete in the sense that all operators give rise to canonical morphisms, and all finite limits and co-limits can be expressed by the algebra.
The schema of a database system is its structure described in a formal language supported by the DBMS.
Such a database containing information on units, prefixes, quantities, and dimensions encoded in the UnitsML schema is under development at NIST.
Children's stories help to develop the contextual schema in which the problem situations are based.
This schema is based on simple elements and attributes and is used throughout the book.
XML Schemas have been used to define metadata schemas for a number of specific domains or applications--such as METS (Library of Congress, 2003), MPEG-7 (Martinez, 2002), MPEG-21 (Bormans & Hill, 2002), and NewsML (IPTC, 2001).
In her view, these three patterns function as guidelines for the orderly activation of other subsidiary image-schemas; for instance, the FULL-EMPTY and EXCESS image-schemas are subservient to the CONTAINER schema, while the FORCE, PROCESS, CIRCLE, NEAR-FAR, and FRONT-BACK image-schemas depend on the PATH schema for their development and understanding.
Since XForms can directly apply Schema constraints directly to form data, system integrators have a powerful tool to catch "bad data" at the source, before it spreads to other systems.

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