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Unfortunately, there is limited research on the early maladaptive schemas of intimate partners of substance abusers.
After years of gradual and continuous improvements we have taken a major leap forward with the release of the fourth generation of our database schema compare tool," said Naim Sula the CEO of xSQL Software.
This paper presents an approach for matching heterogeneous relational databases' schemas by exploiting most of the information related to schemas.
At the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we are developing a schema for encoding scientific units, quantities, and dimensions in XML, named UnitsML (Units Markup Language).
The general consensus appears to be that while XML documents and schemas are ideal for defining the structural, formatting, and encoding constraints for a particular domain's metadata scheme, a different type of language is required for defining meaning or semantics.
This principle, called inheritance, is similar to the behavior of Cascading Style Sheets, and allows the user to develop XML Schemas that best suit their needs, without buidling an entirely new vocabulary from scratch.
Instead of storing all DTDs and Schemas on various servers across an enterprise, Schema Central provides a central storage point for those documents while allowing dynamic access through the use of simple URLs.
This iterative process is complicated further by the likelihood that the modification of schemas tends to be guided by three major themes (Barnard, 1990; Taylor 1983), each of which will be developed at a different speed and will be challenged or fortified by experiences.
The usability of ontology for semantic mapping of schemas has been discussed in section 4.
Diane Kennedy, editor of XML Files, is excited about the infoShark approach, "The infoShark CARD schema is unique in that it provides for round- tripping relational data to and from XML, not simply an automated XML dump mechanism.
With large companies moving from the experimentation to implementation stages for XML-based applications, they are seeing a confusing proliferation of schemas from a variety of sources: industry standards groups, technology vendors, trading partners, and in-house projects.

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