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Authoritarian parenting had positive correlation with early maladaptive schemas (p<0.
The first three chapters of Alice's Adventures in the Wonderland form one narrative episode within the novel and this paper examines them for the interplay of schemas and text world and their relation with character and reader identity.
Keywords--couples, early maladaptive schemas, intimate partners, substance use
Total control: over one hundred options give the user total control over the comparison and synchronization of the database schemas.
Schemas support declarative access to and manipulation of data.
To do this some changes must be made in the host schemas.
XML Schemas have been used to define metadata schemas for a number of specific domains or applications--such as METS (Library of Congress, 2003), MPEG-7 (Martinez, 2002), MPEG-21 (Bormans & Hill, 2002), and NewsML (IPTC, 2001).
The most rigorous and systematic attempt to build a hierarchy of image-schemas is found in Pena (2000), who, in the light of the analysis of a corpus of emotion metaphors, argues for the prominence of three basic image-schemas: the CONTAINER, PATH and PART-WHOLE schemas.
Some entities have formed consortia to define XML data syntax, or schema so that applications can cooperate.
This means schemas defined with DTD files express numeric data as strings, preventing XML parsers from verifying that the correct type of data is present in data records, forcing the application to perform the last step in parsing the data.
XML Schemas define shared markup vocabularies--the structure of XML documents that use those vocabularies--and provide hooks to associate semantics with them.
XML Schemas define shared markup vocabularies, the structure of XML documents which use those vocabularies, and provide hooks to associate semantics with them.

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