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From a literary perspective the deviant schemata not only create humour but also question the norms and traditions humans have set for themselves.
For patients, increased drug use was associated with increased scores on the schemata domains of disconnection and rejection and other directedness.
All schemata domains were entered as dependent variables.
Effect size differences between patient and intimate partner schemata were computed by comparing the mean scores of patients and intimate partners, divided by their pooled standard deviations (Cohen 1988).
Additional research using longitudinal designs is needed that replicates and extends these findings, while also determining how these interrelations of schemata affect couples functioning
While most differences fell into the medium-effect size range, a few differences in schemata between patients and partners were considered large-effect size differences.
It should also be noted that the present study, and that of Shorey and colleagues (2011), indicate that clinicians should be aware that intimate partners of substance abusers who seek individual therapy may also have early maladaptive schemas that could be contributing to their current personal and relationship difficulties and clinicians may want to assess for such schemata during treatment.
In order to contribute to a systematic development of very large schemata the co-design approach, which integrates structure, functionality and interactivity modelling, emphasises the initial modelling of skeletons of components, which is then subject to further refinement [21].
In Section 2 we first present an algebra for higher-order Entity-Relationship schemata [18], which permits the representation of very large schemata as algebraic expressions involving smaller and thus easier tractable schemata.
In an extended theoretical study in [8] we develop a formal notion of schema morphisms, show that the corresponding category of schemata with these morphisms is finitely complete and co-complete, and also show that the algebra in this paper is well-defined and complete in the sense that all operators give rise to canonical morphisms, and all finite limits and co-limits can be expressed by the algebra.
In Section 3, based on the analysis of more than 8500 database schemata, of which around 3500 should be considered very large we identify twelve frequently recurring meta-structures.
On this basis we then describe three groups of schema constructors dealing with associations, folding, and collections of schemata.