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It should also be noted that the present study, and that of Shorey and colleagues (2011), indicate that clinicians should be aware that intimate partners of substance abusers who seek individual therapy may also have early maladaptive schemas that could be contributing to their current personal and relationship difficulties and clinicians may want to assess for such schemata during treatment.
For instance, we are unable to determine whether patient and partner schemata were present and stable prior to their relationship formation, or whether they influenced the schemata of their partners.
These findings further contribute to the literature on early maladaptive schemas and substance abuse in general, demonstrating that schemata may be highly relevant to the treatment of substance abuse.
Restructuring schemata from family of origin in couple therapy.
Let us briefly review the key definitions of Entity-Relationship schemata following [18].
We disitinguish two kinds of association constructors: constructors that lead to schemata, into which the original schemata can be embedded as subschemata, and constructors that lead to schemata that can be projected onto the original schemata.
results from the two given schemata by identifying in [S.
The prerequisites are the same as for the join operator, only that we need that the set of type names of both schemata are disjoint.
The schema shown in Figure 2 shows the result of the reference-join of the schemata [S.
i]) be schemata with disjoint name sets (i = 1, 2).
2] can be projected to a database over the original schemata [S.
k]}, provided the element schemata are pairwise distinct, the multiset schema <[S.