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The aforementioned author (ibidem 1999:87) described the intense process of schematization that these figures underwent.
To this end he provides a schematization of the virtues (85).
In some places, the reader would be better served by Framarin leaving schematization aside and simply expositing the general structure of his argument through narrative.
The upper sketch of Figure 1 shows a schematization of the typical experimental setup.
Before Grossman's study, several fine studies of Hugo's novels had limited themselves to a somewhat arid, abstract schematization of symbolic systems.
Form in Indigenous Art: Schematization in the art of Aboriginal Australia and prehistoric Europe, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra, pp.
Interestingly, Kovecses' analysis has brought to light a new type of metaphor, which emerges from schematization as a result of a metonymic process.
The latter offers significantly biased information, however, because of the unrealistic schematization of the geometry of the pore channels and the neglect of the so called bottle necks in the pore system (Diamond, 2000).
Darnton's well-known schematization for the book cycle envisages four stages: creation, production, distribution, and reception.
However, he concludes that Estrella distante remains "explicitly engaged in the Schmittian schematization of the potential place of friends and enemies in the aftermath of the military coup of 1973" (138).
Therefore, most of the investigations reported in the literature in which the numerical simulation of both the long-term and the short-term behavior of ground loop heat exchangers under TRT conditions are presented are based on some kind of approximation, and they have mostly been developed by adopting a two-dimensional numerical schematization to estimate the same parameters generally considered within the LSM approach, i.
Wittgenstein 2005) The notion of mental iconic schematization goes some way in mending this shortcoming.