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Regarding the various TRT models that have been developed, both analytical and numerical, within either a one-dimensional or multidimensional spatial schematization, each of them is based on some kind of approximation that reflects a simplified formulation of the equation set (Equations 1-10).
writes: "In reconstructing Christian teaching, systematic theology proceeds by a process of conceptual abstraction and schematization.
If we look at the poets who make up Kitty's Academy of Arts and Letters, we see a neat schematization of four different approaches to history: Kitty writes a feminist historical romance about Boadicea, which presupposes that we can have imaginative access to the past and that human nature does not change with time.
As a matter of fact, the interweaving of the two is so constant and complex that for purposes of analysis a further schematization becomes necessary: the identification of three separate bodies of material as constituting the three distinct structural elements of the play.
In order to clarify Levi-Strauss' understanding of human mind, let us review Leach s schematization of Levi-Straussian epistemology for intellectual structures through the example of the traffic lights (figure 3).
In a very abstract way, the model of the section "Prevention by Communities" may be viewed as a theoretical schematization of this system.
With his discovery of the non-site in 1967, Smithson abandoned this practice of mimetic schematization.
30) She argues that "the exact balance of the recurrences between male and female protagonists serves the additional purpose of definition, of the schematization of an ideal applicable to both sexes.
In former times, they performed a range of functions: political, military, judicial, and religious as well as social and cultural, as Mitterauer and Sieder (1982) aptly show in their schematization of the progressive shedding of household functions to the core purpose of acculturation.
The following Figure presents a schematization of events that bring people into contact with government.
Critics of Frye's writings often point to his obsession with schematization.