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These have been included as well in the structure of a data base for designing the technological devices bearers (Gherghel, 2003b), (Gherghel, 2003c); the presentation of the specific creation ideas in establishing some criteria of analysis and evaluation of the known or/ and suggested solutions, variants, ideas in the technical creation (Gherghel, 2003a; Gherghel, 2002); the presentation of the specific creation ideas in establishing the schematizations and symbols of some variants for the extensible aligning and clamping mechanisms; the presentation of the examples of frequent usage of the creation methods, techniques, approaches, procedures with high creative potential in the technical systems conception.
What was merely fashionable has become old-fashioned--the formal schematizations, the over-refinement of terms, the hair-splitting of exegesis, the academic mass production of "certified" critics, the dogmatic hardening.
Nevertheless, again, Isaac's book provides balance to Luttwak's schematizations, and his point about the personal element in imperial policy is important.