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According to the above hypotheses, the effect of aging on regression plots could be schematized by Fig.
The communications between both layers will be possible by means of message passing coded in x-www-formurlencoded MIME format of pairs name=value, to send the requests as long as to receive the responses from a web server, as it is schematized in the figure 2.
The cardiac malformations found in the present case are schematized in Figure d.
These schematized images are then combined with new features they extract from visual-verbal components of picture books.
This is schematized in the revised table in (34) below (omitting oblique functions):
This macro approach contrasts Naipaul's selective interviewing method of meeting individuals from specific countries, then expanding from their private narratives towards schematized descriptions of the societies that produced those narratives.
The Pink Period is represented by the heavily schematized and yet so tender TE[logical not]te de femme, de face (1906).
Building on a rigorously schematized yet internally flexible set of operating principles grounded in a 1902 invention by founder Sakichi Toyoda--an automated loom that would shut itself down the instant a single thread snapped--the Japanese enterprise has grown from a small textile factory to the most profitable automobile manufacturer in the world.
Critic Paul Gilroy has schematized the culture of the Black Atlantic as "the image of ships in motion" between the continents of the transatlantic slave trade (4).
Coupled with the ball motion tactics of Jim Pollard (who would later join Mikan in the Hall of Fame) the Lakers were an impressive basketball--an impressive white basketball team, which meant they were laboriously slow and deliberate in the execution, joyless schematized and rigidly mechanical.
Schematized names and colors further communicate the idea that identity is intertwined with social role.
She stands protectively above a schematized topographic view of fourteenth-century Florence, complete with Giotto's unfinished bell tower.