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83] The fundamental equality heralded by the new Laws thus resolves the inconsistencies of d'Urfe's Neoplatonism while schematizing the basic dynamics of salon writing.
As a male who menstruates, Askar certainly confounds any easy schematizing of bodily identities.
The employment of the concept of "conjure," with its multidisciplinary foci, leads to different ways of schematizing religion.
Schematizing the results of the analysis thus far may help correlate the various deictic functions of textual you with its equally variable ontological profile.
And it often seemed that the aforementioned terms were better suited for describing the overlapping circles of a Venn diagram than for schematizing a roster of equal and discrete artistic strategies, since many artists surely belonged at the intersection of multiple categories, and the circle labeled "experimenting" really could have circumscribed the whole show.