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An overall analysis of the sample schemes during the study period revealed that, the return from Franklin India Prima Scheme (0.
Both new and existing employees will be eligible for the Career Averaged Revalued Earnings (CARE) scheme which requires around 6% of an employee's salary.
The aviation industry should be included in Europe's existing emissions trading system, not a new scheme as proposed by the European Parliament, European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said on Thursday.
The international conflict and terrorist acts on American soil and across the world are challenging the adolescents of the early 21st century to shape their scheme of war within a framework that is qualitatively different than that of the adult community.
This will simplify matters, as linemen do not have to learn another scheme.
Guided by self-interests, an email address authorization scheme is claimed to be an essential element needed to curtail abuse and thus protect recipients.
In systems being used by children, as well as those designed specifically for children, there exist two fundamental representation problems: (1) the metadata or representation scheme of the system may not be designed with this specific user group in mind, and (2) few age-appropriate controlled vocabularies exist for use in creating metadata.
The maturation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been an advantage to medical scheme members who need coverage for the disease because it's more cost-effective to provide treatment for the infection than to cover the costs of hospitalization for the complications associated with AIDS, said McDonald.
We currently offer a final salary scheme to our staff.
A funded scheme is an arrangement where there is an accumulation of assets, mainly financial assets, from contributions, with the objective of ensuring all or a major part of payment of the future benefits from these assets.