scheme of arrangement

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Simmers has entered into an Interim Operating Agreement to treat surface material until the assets are acquired from the provisional liquidator through a scheme of arrangement to put the underground operations back into production.
14, 2016 have received observation letter from BSE and National Stock Exchange of India on the scheme of arrangement.
BBG plans to acquire the remaining 50% interest next month through the completion of an Australian scheme of arrangement, under which the company will become the registered owner of the entire issued share capital of Auzex.
Justice Mann today in the High Court that the scheme of arrangement originally proposed by MyTravel is unlawful, and that he is unwilling to allow it to proceed.
55% stakeholders approved the merger between the two companies at a general meeting, with over 87% approving the court-sanctioned scheme of arrangement at a related court meeting.
The scheme of arrangement for the acquisition is expected to be implemented in March 2012.
The Committee is disappointed that it was not consulted on the restructuring proposal and does not believe that the company's current 8% proposal (which falls to 2% if the company proceeds down its ongoing scheme of arrangement court route) is treating convertible bondholders equitably.
Subject to JRIC shareholder approval (including approval of arrangements to terminate the portfolio's existing asset management agreements), the acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of December 2015 by way of scheme of arrangement.
50 per share in cash under the Scheme of Arrangement.
The Committee is disappointed that the Company has taken precipitative action to file a scheme of arrangement without first negotiating with convertible bondholders.
The proposed development is considered to be executed by means of a Scheme of Arrangement ( Scheme ) under Sections 391 and Section 394 and different applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.
The board of directors of Irish oil and gas company Island Oil & Gas plc disclosed on Tuesday that the Scheme of Arrangement pursuant to which the company will merge into San Leon Energy plc, was sanctioned by the High Court.