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David Schemery, president of Sun Prairie, WI-based Famous Fixtures before it was purchased last month by L.
I guess our game plan is working," David Schemery, vice president and general manager, said with a wry chuckle.
In the process," Schemery continued, "we also determined that the best way to achieve our marketing objectives was to be more ready-to-assemble oriented, utilize CNC woodworking technologies and create a work environment in which all employees feel they are part of the same team (see accompanying story on this page).
The new equipment gives us the ability to diversify, but as early as next year we could be forced to open a second facility," Schemery said, hinting that the southwest United States was a potential location.
In the meantime, Schemery said Famous Fixtures will continue to aggressively pursue new customers.
David Schemery is keen on the concept of employee empowerment.
Many companies have plans to get their employees more involved with day-to-day business decisions," Schemery said.
We say, 'Don't tell us you're Superman unless you're ready to show us you can fly,'" Schemery said.
Capital improvements, such as a Reichenbacher D-8635 NC router, Biesse 342 CNC boring machine and a UV press and dryer system have increased productivity while reducing direct labor content," Schemery says.
David Schemery, president of Famous Fixtures of Sun Prairie, Wis.