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This is the focus of Aleksei Shkvarov's Russkaia tserkav' i kazachestvo v epokhu Petra I, which examines the Don Cossack inclination to schismatic religiosity (Raskol).
Though the excommunications of the four bishops by the Catholic Church were removed prior to the beginning of the dialogue, the continued illicit ordinations seem to demonstrate that the schismatic sect appears unwilling to change its views.
Conflicts between Orthodox Christians and various heretical and schismatic movements decreased the range of officially sanctioned opinion.
Similarly, Moore's depiction of Penington's public chastisement for his support of the well-known schismatic John Perrot, helps illuminate how the sect internally regulated itself in its first complicated decades.
His pointed advice illustrates Pamela Voekel's thesis in her essay on the establishment of a government-protected, schismatic Catholic Church in the wake of the passage of Mexico's 1857 Constitution and anti-clerical Reform Laws: the liberal-conservative antagonism that erupted in Mexico was not solely a polarized conflict between irreligious secular liberals and conservative defenders of the faith.
The critics came down against her: Stasov, ever an ebullient supporter of an art uniquely Russian, saw her as a narrow-minded religious fanatic, Garshin as a retrogressive schismatic.
Large Christmas and New Year's crowds showed up, despite Burke's warning that the "faithful who approach a schismatic priest for the reception of sacraments, except in the case of danger of death, commit a mortal sin.
Despite the complaints of Voltaire and Machiavelli about Dante's "dreadful voice," the impact of Dante's Commedia has grown over the centuries down to our schismatic and frightful times.
Her attempt to portray a monolithic, rightwing, Christian bloc with the dual aims of encouraging support for the Iraq war and stoking anti-Semitism posits some very strange connections: Gibson, member of a schismatic Latin-rite sect that considers the current pope a fraud; the Roman Catholic Church, whose spiritual head has denounced the U.
Welcome to a tale of two movies, as viewed through the schismatic prism of the DVD age.
After listening to our conversation for a few moments he addressed me, saying: "From your pronunciation I judge that you are a Schismatic.
Hart offers an illuminating new way of looking at the schismatic arena of American Protestantism.