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Fascinated by the preaching of the Schismatic ideas, many suburbanites fled to the thick woods of the Volga region and the North, to the southern borders of the state, to Siberia and even abroad, where they formed communities.
Burke: "Faithful who approach a schismatic priest for the reception of the sacraments, except in the case of danger of death, commit a mortal sin.
Longfellow and friends participate in a sustained effort to make the Florentine as accessible to an American audience as Milton, Shakespeare, and the Bible; yet, they also wonder who in their midst knows Dante so well that the Inferno's punishments are reenacted in chilling detail--for example, a Boston judge who upholds the Fugitive Slave Act consumed by maggots; a noted clergyman buried head downward with his feet afire; and another victim gruesomely butchered as a schismatic.
MOA and EBA leadership transitioned in the mid-to-late 1930s, as the oldguard, dogmatic, schismatic Landmarkers gave way to a new generation of Convention Landmarkers.
This could lead to fervent, articulate debate and schismatic tendencies from the time of Dunmore Lang and John McGarvie to the heresy trial of Dr Peter Cameron, that 'lion thrown to the Christians' in the 1990s.
In December 1802, a schismatic Grand Lodge was formed in Niagara.
This was not a clash between someone simply def ending the papal purse against complaints of a mere "Bohemian" or schismatic.
Cox was ordained a bishop in the schismatic Palmar de Troya sect, and later formed the "Latin Tridentine Church," in which he ordained O'Connor.
Human Rights Watch has noted discrimination against Pentecostals, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses and schismatic Orthodox jurisdictions.
From the second half of the eighteenth century, it increasingly became the Church's own vested interest to consecrate skilled administrators, for these had to defend its interests vis-a-vis an increasingly efficient state bureaucracy, and, by overseeing the parish clergy, guarantee Orthodoxy's continued grip on the lay folk, among whom sectarian and schismatic religious movements were gaining currency.
and whether Mohammed might be considered a Schismatic, if you lived in 1300,
Calgary's labour-political leadership included a phalanx of credible moderates--Alex Ross of the Canadian Labour Party, Robert Parkyn of the obscurely schismatic Dominion Labour Party, R.