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That success was based on the view that scholarship must serve the state and on the identification of scholarliness with technical data, facts, and measurements.
When students arrive at a university their identity must shift towards scholarliness as they join the culture of their disciplines.
The authors also found that 79%-93% of purchased items, depending upon the requesting department, were in scope for the collection, and all but 5% were of sufficient scholarliness.
In addition, development of research skills in undergraduate and graduate CLS students is a way to increase scholarliness and research confidence in clinical laboratorians of the future.
However, any excessive scholarliness that does not advance the arguments in the paper is also a result of satisfying his comments.
In the following section, I explore these ideas through an analysis of the level of scholarliness of domestic academic production in journals of Argentina and Brazil, two countries that have some characteristics in common (same regional location, extensive periods of political instability, similar institutions during their colonial period, language other than English, etc.
In reviewing all manuscripts submitted to Professional School Counseling, editorial board members are asked to provide ratings in the following four areas: quality of writing style and presentation, scholarliness and creativity, timeliness and relevance of the topic for school counselors, and thoroughness of information shared.
In contrast to the scholarliness of Schore's chapter, some essays could be described as somewhat unsubstantiated academically, with few cited references and many assertions that might need textual reference; notably in the essays of James and Newbury, and Tomas-Merrills and Chakraborty.
I oppose it because it is a barrier to understanding, a kind of simplistic facade thrown up to veil knowledge with a pretense of scholarliness.
Keeping in mind our editorial focus on the operational level of war, including issues related to strategy and policy, we review articles for content, scholarliness, relevance to Air Force concerns, support, currency, value to force development, and quality.
49) In one of the poems printed before the text of the Balet Comique, Beaujoyeulx is praised for his inventiveness in the creation of dance patterns, and for his scholarliness and his re-creation of the art of ancient Greek dance (McGowan, 'Introduction', Le Balet Comique de la Reyne, 1581, Margaret M.
All it takes is for its scholarliness to be questioned.