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these weeks, and the few words scribbled in a wild caricature of his scholarly and dainty hand
It is sober, scholarly, and scientific, and, it must also be added, conservative.
He waved the light over the whole, as if to typify the light of his scholarly intelligence, and then put it down on the table and stood behind it looking intently at his visitors.
But the truth could still be traced out, by any scholarly man determined to trace it.
These widely known principles led to changes in the ways scholarly literature is disseminated, such as transitioning from traditional print to electronic distribution of works without subscription barriers.
Traditionally, scholarly output has been measured by the impact factor--which considers the prestige of journals based on how often their articles are cited, the number of times that a researcher's articles have been cited in other scholarly resources, and the h-index, a metric that's derived from an author's recent articles and the number of times these works have been cited.
The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has released a new version of its popular Scholarly Communication Toolkit.
While the creation and exchange of scholarly and research information now takes place within digital environments and increasingly on the open web, traditional print-based workflows are recapitulated across the scholarly communication life-cycle, outmoded rewards systems hold strong, and crises of access, reproducibility, and reuse continue to be raised.
Grants have become a major indicator of research productivity and institutional visibility, and publication criteria require substantial evidence of scholarly impact in order to present a stronger case.
Scopus introduced the Snowball Metrics standard definitions: Scholarly Activity (downloads and posts in common research tools such as Mendeley and CiteULike), Social Activity (mentions in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), Scholarly Commentary (reviews, articles, and blogs by experts and scholars, such as F1000 Prime, research blogs, and Wikipedia), and Mass Media (coverage in top-tier media).
Getting the Word Out: Academic Libraries as Scholarly Publishers
As a staff member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) since 1996, she worked with many of ARL's programs and was appointed its assistant executive director for scholarly communication in 2009.