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Montreal startup to disrupt the scholarly, scientific and technical publishing industry
Along with time and knowledge in the lacking category, there is the factor of less mentoring, guidance, and support available to facilitate scholarly publication among nurses who have fulfilled their degree requirements.
Davis-Kahl, a scholarly communications librarian at Illinois Wesleyan U.
In this paper, I ask why so few open access, feminist scholarly journals have emerged in Canada.
Borgman (2000) describes scholarly communication as "the study of how scholars in any field (e.
While this tendency is certainly efficient for most scholarly work, it is less profitable for the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Lining Out the Word is a scholarly treatise citing the adaptation, adoption and assimilation of Dr.
Takhoma: Ethnography Of Mount Rainier National Park is a scholarly compilation and record of the archaeological past and ethnographic study of Mount Rainier, also known as "Takhoma".
This is a scholarly and provocative book which makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the contemporary role of culture and its diffusion.
A detailed and scholarly textual analysis that paints a vivid picture of a noble nation-state's vibrant past.
Knowledgeably authored by an impressive group of scholarly writers, the essays and commentaries comprising Futuring Our Past provides readers with an excellent understanding of "traditioning", representing the Roman Catholic influence upon Latino cultural traditions and pre-Christian beliefs.