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Scholastically the unwritten rule (gentlemen's agreement) when discussing, writing or documenting people of color in any form (oral or written) is that they must be identified unlike whites who are considered the standard/invisible.
I don't think I was so unique, but I was, I guess, more of a student and more involved scholastically than some of my other friends.
The JREDC will be scholastically grounded in current and past theories and research of religion and religious diplomacy, as well as conflict resolution and associated knowledge domains.
While a student at Yale, he was more interested in a career in teaching the classics than in medicine, but only one faculty position in the classics was available, and it went to an individual who finished ahead of Welch scholastically.
Rather than scholastically reading old texts and summarizing views, Rawls breaks down these texts and arguments and builds upon them using concepts invented in the last decades.
Likewise, much of the latter part of the book consists of Scholastically inspired critiques of Locke, or discussions of the (genuine) tensions between Locke's metaphysics and epistemology, on the one hand, and his political philosophy, on the other.
Any of these terms refers to a refined and scholastically produced discourse that seeks to get to the heart (or soul) of human experience, and likewise, any of them would produce the same pleasing dissonance when applied to "everyday life.
Wilks discusses the role of conscience in Renaissance tragedy noting: "Because the age which nurtured Shakespeare's own beliefs still inherited its doctrines and cosmology more or less unchanged from the Middle Ages, the idea of conscience manifests itself amongst a variety of religious concepts to which his characters refer--not, of course, necessarily in Christian terms--but, at any rate, as recognizably integral with an ontological framework scholastically orthodox in its assumptions about the moral nature of man.
It was expected from the outset that the deceased as the To's first-born son would excel scholastically and graduate from a university with a view to obtaining highly remunerative employment.
To this end, all six areas are addressed scholastically and therapeutically in an effort to create integration and balance.
They treat the subject matter academically and scholastically.