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95) Thus, the information given by the scholiast to Aristophanes' Birds 1569 cannot be taken as proof of political persecution inflicted on Laispodias.
28 The last point was first observed by the scholiast of the Codex Bembinus (see Wagner, Hauton Timorumenos on 459).
The lexicographers and scholiasts of late antiquity pass on a great deal of the impenetrable technical vocabulary.
The scholiast probably did not have inside information about the case; he extrapolates based on a likely situation.
9) For instance, in the commentary on the didascalia to the Eunuchus, cited above, the scholiast attempted to explain the Ludi Megalenses, or Megalensian games, at which the Eunuchus was premiered.
A scholiast judges it 'unbefitting a maiden' and 'licentious' ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
105) The scholiast allows the possibility of Kallistratos's claim that Meton set up an astronomical apparatus in Kolonos, but then he (the scholiast) indicates that he finds nothing in Philochoros to the effect that Meton set up anything there, and he, or perhaps Philochoros, asserts that Meton actually set up a heliotropion in the contemporary ekklesia by the wall in the Pnyx.
The fact that a scholiast refers several times to Origen, for instance, tells us more about the scholiast quoted than about Dionysios, unless the scholiast actually identifies plausible references in the passages he annotates.
This observation dates already from antiquity: the scholiast to Hipp.
faetfyllere) is too narrow, since both the scholiast and the glossator make a clear distinction between the cup-bearing acaliculis and the abatis.
The scholiast recognized this move: Sensit quia raptus est et palam videtur de morte suadere: quod non debet facere, ne propositum ipsius intellegatur, et ait: "Decernatur .
Sophocles in the latter End of his Ajax, alludes to a Method of cheating in Hats, and the Scholiast on the Place tells us of one Crephontes [sic], who was a Master of the Art.