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Concerning the poem's reception in Antiquity, as far as we can tell both the scholiast on Ap.
(95) Thus, the information given by the scholiast to Aristophanes' Birds 1569 cannot be taken as proof of political persecution inflicted on Laispodias.
While it is more common to see the scholiasts trying to decide which passage is `correct' and which should be athetized, this provides evidence that athetization was not a unanimous impulse.
The best known case is the Haloa, described in some detail by a scholiast on Lucian.
The Oresres fragment confirms a scholiast's comment about the instrumental accompaniment sometimes farsing out the metre; it corroborates Dionysius of Halicarnassus' statement about the non-correspondence of tone and tune in another part of the same play; and it demonstrates a particular characteristic that Aristophanes lampoons.
He bases this assertion on the Greek verse which the scholiast of the Codex Bembinus quotes on line 384.
(7) The scholiast on Plato, Lysis (Scholia platonica, ed.
As in Pelikan's other books, all reference citations appear in the ample margins of the text The visual result may remind the reader of a scholiast's comments on a medieval treatise.
Golding cannot tell us what he believes, for he is not a scholiast or even an apostle.
According to the scholiast, this is a girl's pitcher; it is inappropriate ([phrase omitted]) he says, for a young man to carry one, pointing out that in the Odyssey Homer "correctly" gives a kalpis to a young girl.
If so, then I should be inclined, along with the scholiast and with most editors, to regard 825-35 as an entrance announcement sung by the Danaids.