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An anonymous early scholium has it that the fictitious name Chrysercium refers to an actual convent situated inside Gouda: "Chrysercium fictitium nomen est; videtur innuere collegium quod est Gaudae iuxta claustrum quo naves excluduntur aut admittuntur.
79) The Roman numerals are Spinoza's and refer to points internal to the Scholium.
deficiency is that the Scholium conveys no hint of the limits
2) It may also be worth considering in this regard an ancient scholium to Plato's Republic 544d, where in speaking of the origin of the various forms of government Plato quotes the proverb "Do you think they arise from an oak or a rock?
The left margin of the first folio recto, for example, contains several important markings: a cross-reference to his scholium at the end of the volume, a Biblical cross-reference, and three sequential Arabic numerals.
In the scholium following the Laws of Motion, Newton attempts to provide additional support for the Third Law through a host of observations related to various modes of mechanical interaction between bodies.
Ancient rhetoric ends by defining also some examples of true enallage as metonymy: it is the case in a scholium to the Hellenistic bucolic poet Theocritus (6, 12), where it is stated that the expression [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "on the gurgling beach" must, metonymically, signify "on the beach by the gurgling sea" (Sch.
The most famous text is the General Scholium to the 1713 second edition of the Principia Mathematica, asserting the consistency of the experimental philosophy with a Lord God.
In the general scholium to the Principia Mathematica, Newton had taken an agnostic position: "Hitherto I have not been able to discover the cause of those properties of gravity from the phenomena, and I frame no hypothesis.
Speaking scholastically, on one level, we may query the terms "classical" and "traditionally" in the sense of what kinds of temporal and conceptual boundaries Cabezon is working with when he uses such expressions as "classical Buddhist India" and its "tradition" as well as the wherefore of the author's gloss for "elucidation," which certainly has nothing to do with its Latin origins; also scholium, on p.
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