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State: Minnesota

This is a safety issue. 1 1/2 years ago my now 11-year-old son was threaten with scissors and told he would die in 7 days by a fellow student. I notified the Principal as well as the Superintendent of the situation. Nothing was done. Occasional situations have occurred since then but not to the previous scale. This boy has been extremely violent with others to the point of having them removed from the school in a wheel chair. Minor 2-day suspension issued. Now yesterday he pushed my son and a friend for no reason. My son's friend retaliated. The boy put his books down in the classroom came back to where my son and his friend were and hit the boy who initially hit him. All three boys were given detention. I want to know what course of action I can take if the Principal continues to be so incompetent in providing safety to the kids from this bully. As I stated my son was told he had to serve detention but I refused as he did nothing wrong. He did not retaliate when pushed and given the same punishment.


You may want to file a police report and get them involved--
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House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the STOP School Violence Act (HR 4909), which provides federal grants intended to make schools safer.
Attorney Erica MacDonald has identified Indian Country as a top priority for her office and said that fear of school violence keeps her up at night.
Indeed, research in recent decades has underscored the enormous impact of the phenomenon of school violence at this stage of education, which is detrimental to the teaching-learning process, evolutionary development, and peaceful coexistence at school; and has negative repercussions on wellbeing, psychological health, and social relations (Cava, Buelga, Musitu, & Murgui, 2010; Estevez & Jimenez, 2014).
Jimerson (University of California -Santa Barbara), "School Safety and Violence Prevention: Science, Practice, Policy" is timely volume comprised of thirteen chapters that presents a data driven approach to preventing and responding to school violence. As school violence receives increasing attention across the nation, the application of scientific knowledge is critical.
As part of the study, researchers statistically tested the relationship between witnessing school violence in Grade 8 and subsequent antisocial behaviour and academic adjustment in Grade 10.
The School Violence Prevention Program is a Department of Justice program that funds the grants.
In related news, the Justice Department is inviting applications for another grant program authorized by the STOP School Violence Act.
President Donald Trump formed a federal commission on school safety this year to identify meaningful policy recommendations to prevent school violence. Led by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the commission is studying a range of topics, including: facility security, mental health services, coordination of law enforcement, threat assessment and school-based violence prevention strategies, positive behavior interventions, and the possible influence of video games.
In the wake of recent school violence, Scholastic Magazine editors have created a resource hub for teachers at
The ongoing wave of school violence has forced higher ed to enhance emergency-response training in teacher education programs.
President Donald Trump plans to meet with executives from the video game industry next week to discuss school violence in the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland Florida, the Hill reports.