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The supermarket giant has teamed up with Schoolbooks.
We used independent T-test for comparison of fluency variable in the natural schoolbook of grade seven, between female and male teachers.
The number of printed schoolbooks has decreased in the last few months.
Fire set to rice-stacks, in Japanese schoolbook for 5th grade pupils compiled by the state, 1937-1947 (introduced in http://www.
The taxpayer cited Fidelity Associates, TC Memo 1992-142, in which a taxpayer was in the business of selling schoolbooks and maintained a schoolbook inventory; the taxpayer paid sales representatives a commission for obtaining two-year sponsorship agreements.
The state is of fundamental importance in the creation and control of museums, monuments, the grave sites of fallen soldiers, the regulation of the mass media, schoolbook contents and curriculums, the celebration of official national holidays, etc.
And so he finally declares himself for "a realism of schoolbook science" (p.
The speller soon took on an independent existence, and was the first American schoolbook.
College teacher and president, McGuffey was known to thousands of Americans as the author of their first schoolbook.
Abril Education is one of Brazil's leading companies in schoolbooks, sophisticated teaching system sectors, and test preparation classes, reaching over 538,000 students in more than 1,700 schools with their learning systems, selling nearly 50 million books a year, with nearly 76% of all students in country using at least one schoolbook published by Abril.
The original poem was written in a schoolbook when I was eight and is about a balloon race which took place in 1994.
The British Council's own Sans font replaced Century Schoolbook and Univers - which are both available free of charge - in 2002.