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THE maths is looking good for Tesco shoppers, as they are getting the chance to earn extra Clubcard points with every [euro]1 they spend at Schoolbooks.
Zabarah said that a new branch with modern machines was opened in the Jader area in Sana'a to speed up the printing of schoolbooks.
In addition, Schoolbook reported that Sunny Varkey, founder of a chain of commercial private schools, is also considering opening two schools in 2012.
Our schoolbook ancient history still emphasizes places like Egypt and Mesopotamia, even though we have a perfectly good, rich and fascinating history right here that goes back at least 10,000 years.
I took out an old schoolbook to reminisce and re-found some of that warmth, and also the neatly argued theses that gave us that security: If Mary was the mother of God, then she had to be spotless .
I forget things daily--sometimes lunch money, sometimes a schoolbook.
Tsunezo Mitsuhashi Nakai (1907-1994), a primary school teacher, introduced this story in a schoolbook for 5th grade pupils of primary schools all over Japan.
After a string of accounting scandals that began with Enron, that naive, schoolbook argument came tumbling down.
Executed in a crude style and based on popular schoolbook illustrations, each image is inscribed with the word MANANA (tomorrow), thus alluding to the political rhetoric that so often invokes the future as synonymous with freedom and prosperity.
The findings confirmed the position of England and Wales at the bottom of a worldwide league table for schoolbook spending.
The book is mostly pictures, which makes it appear almost like a child's schoolbook.