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The first of the schoolgirls to be found was discovered by soldiers on the edge of the Sambisa forest, a vast woodland area, in May.
Shortly after, Israeli media claimed that another schoolgirl from Hebron was detained under the same pretext, and published a photo from the scene.
But as Abbie grows ill, so Lydia becomes the leader and the film heads into dark and strange territory, even veering towards dash of the occult as more and more schoolgirls falling under the spell of hysterical fainting.
Yusra's mother, Safiya, speaking for the first time since her daughter's disappearance, wept as she begged the schoolgirl to return to Britain in an emotional press conference.
Since making the city her permanent home, the schoolgirl has become an education and human rights ambassador.
Specialist police divers in black wetsuits and breathing apparatus were taking it in turns to comb the west London waterway where the schoolgirl was last spotted 13 days ago.
Police search the River Brent, near Hanwell, in west London, near to where missing schoolgirl Alice Gross, 14, was <Blast seen, as detectives continue to question a man on suspicion of her murder
The schoolgirl left home in Hanwell at 1pm, telling her parents she'd be back by 10pm.
Jones and friend Elleni Morus, 17, were taking schoolgirls back after a day of sailing when their highpowered speedboats crashed in darkness.
The following day at about 3pm a man with the same description approached a 12-year-old schoolgirl in a wooded area behind Parkfield Avenue, which is off Tollesby Road.
Hazell had lived with Ms Bicknell in New Addington, south London, for more than five years before Tia died, and developed a twisted sexual attraction for the schoolgirl who often stayed with them.
Her boyfriend Hazell, 37, from New Addington, is charged with murdering the schoolgirl between August 2 and 11.