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Riley's as likely a man as any to know o' some school; he's had schooling himself, an' goes about to all sorts o' places, arbitratin' and vallyin' and that.
Steerforth said) than the lowest boy in the school; that he had been, a good many years ago, a small hop-dealer in the Borough, and had taken to the schooling business after being bankrupt in hops, and making away with Mrs.
He had evidently been schooling himself as to all sorts of little things, and remembered them, but he almost managed to sit down on his silk hat, which men don't generally do when they are cool, and then when he wanted to appear at ease he kept playing with a lancet in a way that made me nearly scream.
Penned by The Straits Times News Editor Marc Lim and illustrated by freelance artist Darel Seow, it uses colourful drawings to depict Mr Schoolings early love affair with the water, how he imagined sharks chasing him to motivate himself to swim faster, how he handled losing and homesickness, and his eventual victory in Rio.
82 (including GST), chronicles Schoolings journey from water baby to competitive swimming at five, and the intense training, discipline and family sacrifices that paved his road to Rio, where he claimed the 100m butterfly gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
We had a time without compulsory attendance in American history, and we did quite weLl with a variety of schoolings.
The framework and the analysed data are part of an ongoing research, in which the responses of subjects of different ages and schoolings are studied.