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However, in emphasizing "reconciliation," and especially Whitman's "achievement" of reconciliation in his poems, Schoolman, like others in the volume, gives insufficient attention to the fundamental agon--the dynamic tension between self and other, I and you--that shapes the drama of democratic identity in Leaves of Grass.
Nevertheless, neither McLuhan's physical proximity to the aegis of the revival nor the close correspondence of his social criticism to that found in the Modern Schoolman and other neo-scholastic circles of the era were sufficient to move him to embrace the boosterism that had insinuated itself into so many quarters of the revival by then.
Schoolman, M 1997, 'Towards a politics of darkness: individuality and its politics in Adorno's aesthetics', Political Theory, vol.
The textual culture described here, that which allowed Gerson to reach audiences that earlier schoolman could not have imagined, would of course be radically transformed by print, but might also be said to have given birth to it: above all, as Hobbins emphasizes, it was no mere last gasp of a medieval manuscript culture, nor a simple prototype for the world of the printing press, but possessed a character of its own.
For a useful survey of the literature written by the 1940s, see Vernon Bourke, Thomistic Bibliography, 1920-1940 (Saint Louis: Modern Schoolman, 1945).
He has published articles in New Blackfriars, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, and the Modern Schoolman.
Alcott was a gentle schoolman, who, like Parker, favored encouragement over harsh correction.
Many students are looking down these different avenues as ways to reach their ultimate goal, says Judith Schoolman, director of career services at New York University's School of Journalism.
He was a schoolman of the most scholastic sect; most offensive, most absurd.
takes them to stay with her in rural Virginia, and they even attend schoolman eye--opening experience for all involved.
But the Schoolman consistently and characteristically insisted that this was the question of fact that required investigation and was to be probed in each case.
What is interesting here is not so much the menace of the ideas ascribed to the Air Vice Marshall, but the very attribution of these words to him by a respected academic, a professor of Classics and schoolman, erudite representative of a segment of our population divorced in many ways from that population, one for whom military ethos (though, perhaps because he was a serving officer, too) conjures up somber fears of a lugubrious future.