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SCHOOLMASTER. One employed in teaching a school.
     2. A schoolmaster stands in loco parentis in relation to the pupils committed to his charge, while they are under his care, so far as to enforce obedience to his, commands, lawfully given in his capacity of school-master, and he may therefore enforce them by moderate correction. Com. Dig. Pleader, 3 M 19; Hawk. c. 60, sect. 23. Vide Correction.
     3. The schoolmaster is justly entitled to be paid for his important and arduous services by those who employ him. See 1 Bing. R. 357 8 Moore's Rep. 368. His duties are to teach his pupils what he has undertaken, and to have a special care over their morals. See 1 Stark. R. 421.

References in classic literature ?
As the schoolmaster said this, he saw that a small blot of ink had been thrown on one of the copies, so he took a penknife from his pocket, and going up to the wall, carefully scraped it out.
That I should love him is no wonder, but that he should love me--' and there the schoolmaster stopped, and took off his spectacles to wipe them, as though they had grown dim.
The schoolmaster lighted a candle, fastened the window-shutter, and closed the door.
said the poor schoolmaster, smoking a pipe he had forgotten to light, and looking mournfully round upon the walls.
I hope--indeed, I am sure, Miss Halcombe--that you are mistaken," said the schoolmaster.
Aye, aye," muttered the schoolmaster, as Adam disappeared, "there you go, stalking along--stalking along; but you wouldn't have been what you are if you hadn't had a bit of old lame Bartle inside you.
They looked at the little creature with a wonder that did not diminish, and the schoolmaster said: 'I am sorry your fine ladies are so inconsiderate.
She was a little flurried by the unexpected visit, and the schoolmaster was not at his ease.
She told him so, and they embraced, and walked on and came up with the schoolmaster.
Worse, the curate insults the schoolmaster in front of his students, insists on corporal punishment, and requires more time for catechism than all the other subjects.
A SEARCH for a retired schoolmaster with dementia is ongoing almost 24 hours after he went missing.
I was a schoolmaster then, but a certain notoriety hung about me as a playwright and perhaps posed a slight threat to long-established fiefdoms.