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SCHOOLMASTER. One employed in teaching a school.
     2. A schoolmaster stands in loco parentis in relation to the pupils committed to his charge, while they are under his care, so far as to enforce obedience to his, commands, lawfully given in his capacity of school-master, and he may therefore enforce them by moderate correction. Com. Dig. Pleader, 3 M 19; Hawk. c. 60, sect. 23. Vide Correction.
     3. The schoolmaster is justly entitled to be paid for his important and arduous services by those who employ him. See 1 Bing. R. 357 8 Moore's Rep. 368. His duties are to teach his pupils what he has undertaken, and to have a special care over their morals. See 1 Stark. R. 421.

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I play a very stern schoolmistress with little sex appeal, so it won't be that glamorous, but I'm very excited to be in it.
So they wrote the names of themselves and their loved ones on padlocks which they fixed to the railings where the schoolmistress had gone to meet her lover.
That was directed by Ann-marie Greene, who plays schoolmistress Kate in this - and proves herself a surprisingly accomplished Irish dancer.
She is like a tyrannical schoolmistress, ordering one of the songwriting team out of the rehearsal room like a disobedient schoolboy.
The Adventures of Parker the Parrot" is a whimsical collection of beloved parrot stories, about Parker the parrot pet belonging to Miss Brown, the village schoolmistress.
Their story ran in parallel with the 1943-set tale of young Nancy Linnet (Olivia Cooke), a schoolmistress who arrived to teach there when it was a wartime orphanage run by hideous brother and sister pair Augustus (Douglas Henshall) and Magda Cribben (Sarah Smart).
25pm A widowed schoolmistress leaves Victorian England to tutor a son of the King of Siam, only to discover his majesty actually expects her to care for all 58 of his children.
The prim schoolmistress and her drunkard host make for poor company.
ITV have decided to air the very first episode giving us the chance to meet the village's colourful characters, including the Doc's eccentric receptionist, the local schoolmistress and a father and son plumbing team.
London, Dec 1 (ANI): A Swedish schoolmistress has opened the world's first international sex school in Austria to teach students how to be better lovers.
Oberon is a schoolmaster sexually grooming a young boy and falling out with schoolmistress Tytania, who has designs on the same child.
She has been an excellent schoolmistress for all of the family's jockeys, as Feilden revealed: "She's been a first winner for all of them - Ross, my nephew Adam [Beschizza] and now Shelley.