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Naudero -- As many as 15 posts of female high & junior schoolteachers have been lying vacant for last five years at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Naundero and students of facing problems due to shortage of teachers.
A private schoolteacher described the working environment in private schools this way:
The 54-year-old schoolteacher from Liverpool was freed from a Sudanese prison after being jailed for allowing pupils to name a teddy bear Mohammed.
The 54-year-old primary schoolteacher was freed from a Sudanese prison after being jailed for allowing her seven-year-old pupils to give the teddy bear the same name as the Islamic prophet.
In Notes, Dench plays Barbara Covett, a career schoolteacher who looks upon her students and colleagues alike with barely disguised antipathy.
Studies on Roman education and schools have paid sufficient attention to the figure of the ludimagister or schoolteacher.
Written by trial attorney Daniel Spiro, The Creed Room: A Novel of Ideas is the riveting story of a schoolteacher caught in the machinations of another.
The top five trends in teaching and the characteristics of a 21st century schoolteacher include a willingness to spend their own money and shape future leaders, according to the National Education Association.
The story revolves around a poor Hindu schoolteacher (played by Om Puri) who becomes devoted to a dying Muslim poet (Shashi Kapoor) and his transcendently beautiful Urdu poetry.
But the narrative space that most crosses the "threshold" between animal and human and disrupts these inviolable ontological categories also transforms Sethe into a creature with wings, claws, and a "beaked face" that "flew" to the barn, "snatching up her children like a hawk" (157), when she sees schoolteacher coming to take her and her children back to Sweet Home and to slavery.
The eighth of nine children born to a factory worker and a schoolteacher, Moore was schooled in Milwaukee's underprivileged inner city.