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Defender John Branch also has difficulty getting there in time owing to his schoolteaching duties.
And there are wholesome dropout couples making candles or ceramics for a livelihood, farming emus and alpacas, dyeing yarn or sewing leather, and schoolteaching or doing online accounting.
There had been an uncollected story from late 1945 dealing with the Home Front aftermath of the war ('The Ghost of Christmas Past') and two stories of later 1947, on schoolteaching ('The Fire of Life) and marriage ('Who Steals My Purse').
America's army was a mismatched bunch of men and boys who knew more about farming, shopkeeping, blacksmithing, or schoolteaching than they did about warfare.
While we proceeded differently, we both pursued authenticity, both in the relationship of course tasks to schoolteaching and in the relationship of information technologies, as tools, to those tasks.
Whitman's short-lived, and in many ways unfortunate, bout with schoolteaching early in his career nevertheless helped him to formulate his principles on education, which later influenced his aesthetic concerns.
During the second half of the nineteenth century, however, some single middle-class women took advantage of increased educational opportunities to enter those professions where women dominated, such as nursing and schoolteaching.
The only respectable job that could take a woman West was schoolteaching.
But any such overarching idea is lost in the surplus biographical details--about Whitman's grandparents, his father, the hardships his mother experienced, Whitman's schoolteaching, and so on.
He was suspended from schoolteaching in 1923 because of his participation in the putsch of that year.
OWEN: He was found dead this week POPULAR: John Owen (circled) let the arts flourish during his Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen schoolteaching days in 1982 (left) and 1983.