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Building on those basics, Rosaen and Hobson's menu-driven approach in TE 401 reflected a commitment to discover uses of information technology that were authentic not only because the tasks were well related to schoolteaching and because the technological affordances were treated as tools for professional learning tasks, but also because the work was an act of choice and will by teacher candidates, and thus might persist into a teaching career.
Whitman's short-lived, and in many ways unfortunate, bout with schoolteaching early in his career nevertheless helped him to formulate his principles on education, which later influenced his aesthetic concerns.
The only respectable job that could take a woman West was schoolteaching.
But any such overarching idea is lost in the surplus biographical details--about Whitman's grandparents, his father, the hardships his mother experienced, Whitman's schoolteaching, and so on.
OWEN: He was found dead this week POPULAR: John Owen (circled) let the arts flourish during his Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen schoolteaching days in 1982 (left) and 1983.
Miss B (BF10), whose father was secretary and general manager of a small company, told me that, although she herself thought she would probably end up teaching history in a secondary school, her father had discouraged her from applying for a Board of Education grant and decided to pay for her years at Bristol himself, because he wanted to leave her free for other kinds of work if she could find an alternative to schoolteaching (she ended up teaching because nothing else presented itself).
Mary Handt's contribution to her husband's ministry fits the description Carey gives in reference to LMS missionary wives in Sydney, though schoolteaching may be more important than she is prepared to admit:
But Jo's been independent for long enough and she's very good at her schoolteaching job.