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He plays a key role with several of the firm's ExecFactor[R] investment initiatives, such as Sciens Building Solutions, Albireo Energy and Valentus Specialty Chemicals.
22 February 2017 - US-based private equity firm Huron Capital's Sciens Building Solutions fire detection and security services platform has acquired Jacksonville, Florida-based W.
We greatly appreciate the dedication and support of our extraordinary employees during this process, as well as the support we received from our financial stakeholders, Sciens Capital and our customers and vendors.
Florida, USA-based commercial aircraft asset manager Apollo Aviation Group and US alternative asset manager Sciens Capital Management LLC jointly said that Apollo Aviation raised approximately USD 595m from a range of investors for its second aviation fund, Sciens Aviation Special Opportunities Investment Fund II (SASOF II).
10 Quae tibi contraria contingunt, pro bonis excipies (23), sciens nihil sine deo fieri.
6) Significantly, the use of the awkward phrase non ignorantes was a deliberate decision by the Council Fathers: in several earlier drafts of Lumen gentium, referring to a single nonbeliever, the more natural sciens ("knowing") is used.
The money will go to the company's aviation fund, the Sciens Aviation Special Opportunities Fund (SASOF), which will use it to acquire commercial aircraft for short-term lease and/or immediate disassembly and resale of the systems, components and parts.
Acquired by Sciens Capital Management and Plainfield Asset Management LLC, Asprey has undergone a major restructuring, including the closing of the former flagship store in Trump Tower and a revamping of its marketing and sales activities, including the appointment of Hakan Rosenius as creative director.
Tambien destaca terminos como sciens e imprudens como fundamentales para comprender la voluntariedad como criterio del crimen (pp.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 22, 2017-Huron Capital's Sciens Building Solutions Acquires Fire Detection/Suppression Specialist W.

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