scientific determination

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Scientific determination is lacking because there was perhaps some protocol issues that we did not accomplish because, for us, the body was not hers," he added.
The agency said its regional office in Davao City collected tissue samples for scientific determination of other possible causes of death of the stranded whale.
"On behalf of the Board, the executives and the entire Portola team, I would like to thank Charles for his leadership, scientific determination and countless contributions to the development of multiple innovative compounds over the last 15 years," said Hollings C.
The TMDL process commences via identification of all sources of pollutants and a scientific determination of how much each source must reduce its contribution in order to meet the standard.
Individual valuations of players are regularly updated by the CIES Football Observatory research team, and the algorithm attempts to offer a scientific determination of their current worth.
Pruitt noted that while he has no intentions of dismantling the 2009 "endangerment finding" that carbon dioxide harms human health, he said Congress should look into any legal basis to challenge the scientific determination. He also added that he plans to deal "very aggressively" with automakers who cheat emissions tests.
government, whose scientists had "conducted no studies on the potential effects of high-dose, whole-body radiation exposure on the people of Japan/' tried to control the scientific determination of what had happened.
Following a scientific determination, residents and “green industry” professionals receive instructions about how to best deal with landscape problems as safely as possible, and typically receive Home Ground Fact Sheets designed to help residents better understand the issue and resolve it.
(13) The FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research reviewed the application and provided its scientific determination that Plan B is safe and effective for OTC use by "all females of child-bearing potential," including those younger than seventeen.
Such is the ultimate epistemology--and not just methodology--of a scientific construct with real mindful power (intellection, and not just intellectualism), i.e., with real scientific determination. That is why, the subject of quantum gravity (or quantum cosmology) will look so profoundly different to those rare few who truly understand the full epistemology and the purely geometric method of both our topic (on unification) and General Relativity.
When examining this kind of scientific determination, as opposed to simple findings of fact, a reviewing court must generally be at its most deferential.
The UN peacekeeping department at UN headquarters said this week that it has been discussing the investigation with the World Health Organization in Geneva, which has the personnel and means to make the scientific determination about cholera in Haiti.

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