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There have been a number of media reports, particularly relating to an academy in north-east England, which have highlighted some confusion about how our education system allows the promotion of creationist beliefs in relation to scientific knowledge.
Moreover, the horror stories about the statute ignore the ways NAGPRA has increased scientific knowledge.
It should not be "arbitrarily decided on the basis of the level of scientific knowledge as it stood in the middle of the nineteenth century".
Japan ranked third from the bottom in scientific knowledge tests conducted last year in Japan, the United States and 12 European nations and compiled by an institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, released Thursday.
His many examples are always based on scientific knowledge and literature.
Kampf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Anteon, said, "The exceptional scientific knowledge and proven past performance of our environmental staff are the key factors in Anteon being awarded this contract.
The first is that for a long time indigenous knowledge has been ignored as a consequence of the preference for modem, scientific knowledge over local, traditional knowledge, but that the new study of indigenous knowledge will have positive effects.
First, for his portrayal of the character of scientific knowledge, Lenoir draws upon William James' pragmatism, as well as the phenomenology of Ernst Mach and others.
Berwick approaches questions of loss, collection, and recollection in part through the lens of scientific knowledge.
One aim of research is to use such basic scientific knowledge to develop new therapies.
A study group of scientists and physicians from academia, industry, and independent research institutions has been created to review current scientific knowledge worldwide and to recommend strategic plans for future research both in laboratories and in people with MS.
The substance of science, and what is labeled here as the "epistemology" of science,(2) affects the pattern by which scientific knowledge is organized.

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