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This is especially relevant if such arguments contradict scientific knowledge on which we rely in daily life and work.
However, young people are poorly served by deliberate attempts to withhold, distort or misrepresent scientific knowledge and understanding in order to promote particular religious beliefs.
Both men were looking for fame and fortune as much as for scientific knowledge.
We must face the fact that scientific knowledge has led us into ways of thinking which are only partly in harmony with our genetic heritage.
With many questions about the need for science in the studio, he believes today's singer can, and should, absorb and apply scientific knowledge and encourages teachers to de-mystify the teaching of singing.
With high quality, peer-reviewed scientific research becoming freely available on the Internet, possibilities for more rapid advances in scientific knowledge and ultimately improved public health are important.
They argue that NAGPRA has given Native Americans license to claim human remains whether or not there is a genealogical link, often at the expense of scientific knowledge.
of Queensland, explored the scientific knowledge on the quality of aluminum castings and presented equations that give the mechanical properties of net shape castings as a function of defect concentration.
Much remained to be discovered, and Professor Biow emphasizes particularly the attitude of "wonder" that Fracastoro's scientific concern evinces, according to "the metaphoric structure of scientific knowledge at its inception" (79).
The event's organizers say it will "provide an opportunity for the electronics industry and the electronics recycling industry to share technical and scientific knowledge, as well as the latest operational and management strategies, business practices and regulatory concerns.
The pursuit of scientific knowledge is often described in terms of soaring metaphor: ``reaching for heights,'' ``exploring new worlds,''``transcending the horizon.
Sensitively reconciling the dichotomy of universal scientific knowledge with the secrecy required to protect patents worth millions, Heikkinen-Komonen's building provides an open forum for a closed community.

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