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No sooner had the burly pugilist obstructed his fire than Raffles was through the window at a bound; while I, for standing still and saying nothing, was scientifically felled to the floor.
His blows were clean end hard, scientifically delivered, with the weight of his body behind.
I am speaking now to you scientifically - scientifically - Eh?
This he attributed, after much reflection, to his musical genius not having been scientifically developed in his youth.
With these words, the speaker tapped himself on the waistcoat to intimate that he was the Jem Groves so highly eulogized; sparred scientifically at a counterfeit Jem Groves, who was sparring at society in general from a black frame over the chimney-piece; and, applying a half-emptied glass of spirits and water to his lips, drank Jem Groves's health.
IT'S a scientifically proven fact rain is triggered by moisture from the oceans evaporating, then condensing into drops which fall from the sky.
YOGA is a complete science and every asana in Yoga is scientific in nature with the body responding scientifically to every posture"said Dr Pranav Pandya, president of Swami Vivekananda Yogvidya Mahapeetham, during the session ' Modern Medicine, Traditional Practice' at the India Today Body Rocks in the Capital on Friday.
com is a Toronto-based consulting company that measures the relationships between leaders at all levels and their direct reports; and provides scientifically validated metrics to identify personal strengths, areas of development, and organizational disconnects.
Islamabad -- Poor dumping of medical waste in the twin cities is contributing to rising hepatitis cases, as civic agencies and hospitals have failed to enforce the regime for disposing of the hazardous waste scientifically.
Synopsis: "Grow Up Your Ego: Ten Scientifically Validated Stages to Emotional and Spiritual Maturity" delivers scientific backing for the stages of ego growth, what it means to have a mature ego, and the steps to take for getting there.
Muscat : Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN) denied what some social networking sites said about the presence of a cyclone in the Arabian Sea, affirming that a cyclone has not been scientifically proven as yet.
PULSE was formulated to be scientifically effective by containing ingredients that are widely considered to be critical to adult health.

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