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The PCST previously published eight directories on the subject 'Productive Scientist of the Pakistan' in the last 20 years.
Recently, museum scientists who had been working in Cambodia sent Feinstein tiny, circular tissue samples that they had clipped from the wings of fruit-eating bats called flying foxes.
The team of scientists from the United States, Indonesia, and Australia was dropped by helicopter onto the mist-covered slopes of the Foja (FOY-uh) Mountains in Indonesia's Papua Province, on the island of New Guinea (see map).
In their article "Assessing the Reliability and Credibility of Industry Science and Scientists," Barrow and Conrad (2006) demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (1972).
Scientists are now teasing out tiny comet fragments from a protective gel inside the Stardust capsule.
The Scientist to Sea program has been in operation for several years and is directed out of the Office of Naval Research.
A vulcanologist is a scientist who studies volcanoes.
For example, one scientist said: "I could use my own field crews more efficiently by dividing them into more groups that included teachers.
When the President's Council on Bioethics voted on recommendations for the president, every single practicing scientist voted for moving therapeutic cloning forward.
If you were a CEO with a seemingly impossible technological challenge, wouldn't you like to have the world's best scientists solving it?

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