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The scientist community congratulated the Chairman for this highly valuable achievement, which will not only be a source of inspiration for PARC young scientist in particular but also for scientist working in National Agricultural Research System of Pakistan in general.
The genetic codes will also help scientists pinpoint once-unrecognized species--for instance, members of a group of elephants in Africa may look identical to each other.
Almost immediately after landing, the scientists found dozens of new species, as well as species that had been considered "missing.
Barrow and Conrad (2006) suggested that the CSPI and the EWG challenged two scientists because they were "funded by industry.
Scientists didn't know what to expect when they opened the Stardust capsule on Jan.
I work with ship designers in order to make ship systems easier to use and better for the sailor," commented one recent participant in the Scientist to Sea program, "so stepping into their shoes for a while has improved my effectiveness as an engineer exponentially.
An ichthyologist is a scientist who studies fishes.
George Stafford Whitby (1887-1972), English by birth and American by adoption, who, as teacher, scientist and administrator, introduced the science of chemistry into the growing and utilization of plantation rubber, with special emphasis on the development of organic accelerators of vulcanization; and whose accomplishments in synthetic rubber range from his early pioneering studies of polymerization to his development of the efficient perozamine initiators for modern emulsion polymerization of synthetic elastomers.
Armed with a trove of gene expression data on latent disease, scientists could search for new treatments to knock out the bacteria before it becomes active and turns lethal, Schoolnik said.
When scientists send a research article to Nature, a group of editors on the journal's staffmakes a first-pass decision on its quality and suitability for the journal.
Scientists labeled it a "dwarf planet"--a designation for planet-like objects that don't fit the new definition.
where he is the chief scientist overseeing the development of stem-cell products, including potential therapies that could use embryo cloning.

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