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A glimmer; a spark; the slightest particle or trace.

"Scintilla of evidence" is a metaphorical expression describing a very insignificant or trifling item of evidence. The common-law rule provides that if there is any evidence at all in a case, even a mere scintilla, that tends to support a material issue, the case cannot be taken from the jury but must be left to its decision.

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n. Latin for "spark." Scintilla is commonly used in reference to evidence, in the context that there must be a "scintilla of evidence" (at least a faint spark) upon which to base a judgment.

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LaScad's Vivelle Dop Le Gel Scintillant adds sparkling particles for a more glamorous look, while Garnier's Fructis Brillantine Shine creates long-lasting mirror shine thanks to fruit micro waxes, extracts and vitamins PP and pro-vitamin B5.
The scintillation cocktail was prepared by mixing 8 g PPO (2,5-diphenyloxazole) as a primary scintillant, 0.2 g POPOP [l,4-Di-{2-(4-methyl-5-phenyl-oxazolyl)}-benzene] as a secondary scintillant, 2000[cm.sup.3] toluene (solvent), and 1250[cm.sup.3] surfactant Triton-X 100 (Middleboe et al.
[...................] screeching, rolling, patterning, measuring-- scintillant beast the bushes do not know exists as the wind beats them, beats in them, beats round them, them in a wind that does not really even now exist ...
Bound radioactivity was measured with a scintillation counter (Topcount, Packard or Betaplate, Wallac) using a liquid scintillation cocktail (Microscint 0, Packard) or a solid scintillant (MeltiLex B/HS, Wallac).
l Gild your lids with a gold-dust shimmer like Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard in Regard or Scintillant, pounds 6.50.
Brillant Scintillant Silver Kisses is a new luxury lip gloss from Chanel that comes with a little black tray that reveals four sparkling swirls of colour to dazzle your lips.
The limited edition collection includes Brilliant Scintillant Sparkling Lipgloss (pounds 16),a lilac-coloured lip gloss containing silver and blue glitter particles for a dazzling glossy finish.
Although Anne of Austria, the Queen Mother (Barbara Jefford, majestic as always), tosses off words like "scintillant," linguistic elegance exists to be shed along with the characters' clothes, revealing humankind's baser, grubbier instincts that survive, whatever one's social status.
Mine was a Bearded Silver Muskelunge of surpassing beauty and poignancy with mica-chip eyes and a hint of rakish scintillant teeth.
The filter mat was dried on a slide warmer (60 [degrees] C) for 15 min and then saturated with solid scintillant (Perkin Elmer Life Sciences) by heating until the filter mat became transparent.