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The One Billion Trees Programme is providing a funding boost of $422,500 for research led by Scion in partnership with other Bay of Plenty organisations to identify more effective native seedling propagation techniques and technology.
It involves joining together a rooted stem (the rootstock) and a live twig (the scion) from different varieties of fruit trees.
Thirty days old seedlings (scions) and grafted seedlings (15 days after grafting) of two cultivars (Palee F1 and CO 1) were transplanted at 2 x 1 square meter apart under pandal system.
Whip grafts are suitable for rootstocks similar in diameter to scions, so they're useful for propagating new trees or adding a branch or two of another variety to an existing tree.
Think about it: according to Doug Murtha, group vice president, Scion, the purpose of this brand is, and has been for the past 12 years, since it rolled out in 2003 with the xB (and the xA, but let's face it, that is something that's primarily remembered by, well, Scionistas), to reach buyers who are under 35 years old.
Her husband Aditya Katoch, scion of former princely family of Kangra ( Himachal Pradesh), too, has joined her electioneering.
The working process of a sapling grafting robot is as follows: feeding scion and rootstock saplings [right arrow] moving saplings [right arrow] cutting scions and rootstocks [right arrow] moving saplings [right arrow] attaching saplings [right arrow] binding saplings [right arrow] detaching saplings.
In this sequel to Starcrossed (HarperTeen, 2011/VOYA June 2011), Scion Helen continues the odyssey begun in her earlier dreams of the Furies.
Grafting incorporates a new grapevine cultivar (called the scion), onto the root system of a desired rootstock variety.
Scions should come from 1-year-old wood and never be larger in diameter than the branch you're going to graft to.
Toyota expected to sell 150,000 cars this year, but will surpass that total by a good 25,000 Scions. The company is actually worried that the brand will get too well known and too popular for its own good and will lose the very cachet that made it a success in the first place.
Price hikes will start taking effect later this month for the Scions and in August for the Lexuses.