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After the 60th extrusion cycle, crosslinking presented together with chain scission, and hence the extrusion torque continued to decrease, the complex viscosity continued to increase, while the MFI began to drop.
However, the other material initially undergoes a rapid decrease in viscosity typical of chain scission followed by an increase in viscosity which has been attributed to a process of crosslinking promoted by the oxidation that caused the initial breakage of the polymer chains.
Regardless of the UV energy, once the photodegradation is initiated, the scission degradation products increase the UV absorption of the polymer surface due to the presence of carbonyl groups (C=O) and double bonds (C=C).
This overall behavior indicates degradation of 50/50 PLGA through chain scission which took place at a faster rate in the bulk of the polymer.
p]--heat density flux in the economizer scission, kW/[m.
Oxidative chain scission is a chemical chain breaking reaction where oxygen radicals randomly attack the NR chain, and although long chains will be broken, short chains can become even shorter during this process.
Generally, polymeric materials degrade through photooxidation processes, such as chain scission, crosslinking, and the formation of oxidized products.
The 20-second technique, called micro- scission, uses a stream of gas to bombard the skin with tiny crystals of inert aluminium oxide.
The unique chemistry in this system provides an ideal platform for developing nucleic acid strand scission as a commercially viable tool in drug discovery.
The Bluest Eye deals with this unconscious desire, and shows how under severe white cultural imposition the black person can undergo, in Fanon's words, "a kind of scission, a fracture of consciousness" (194).
Elisabeth Strocker writes on nuclear scission as possibly inaugurating a new age of nature dominance (p.
This information is needed to allow control of chain scission, branching, cross-linking and grafting.