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The presence of Na-AHA molecules has resulted in chain scission of PA6 phase, which was confirmed through intrinsic viscosity measurements and analyzing normalized torque values.
The monosulfidic/disulfidic links formed are thermally inert and residual thiocarbamate derivative(s) formed during the vulcanization process enabled only the formation of additional crosslinks and scission has been substantially suppressed.
There is a bigger proportion of grafted chains in the material than PC segments because of scission at 260[degrees]C than at 240[degrees]C, as the SEC peak at low elution times is higher when the blend is extruded at 260[degrees]C than when it is extruded at the other temperatures.
This immiscibility of PE and PP means that chain scission dominates the flow properties at high PP levels whilst the cross-linking of PE dominates the flow behavior at low PP levels, when PE forms the continuous phase.
Crumb rubber from scrap tires can be devulcanized by a relatively simple process using chemical additives to soften the crumb because scission of the sulfur-sulfur cross-links.
22) also reported chain scission and crosslinking in the polymer matrix as a result of photochemical degradation of linear low-density polyethylene film with Ciba Envirocare AG100 as pro-oxidant.
So Type I coagents tend to be more reactive than Type II coagents, but they are also more prone to beta scission and radical coupling reactions (ref.
Because an elastomer's network structure is changed during aging (either additional crosslinking, chain scission, or both) the elastomer's critical tearing energy will also change.
Kais Saied a, dans le meme ordre d'idees, indique que le gouvernement n'a pas reagi aux perturbations induites par la scission quand bien meme ces conflits n'auraient pas porte sur un projet, un programme ou une vision bien precise, mais sont plutot l'expression d'une refondation en preparation a d'eventuelles elections qui pourraient avoir lieu a terme echu ou anticipees.
Pour le moment, rien n'assure que l'opposition ira [beaucoup moins que]unie[beaucoup plus grand que] a cette reunion, le Conseil national syrien (CNS), le groupe le plus important de la coalition, ayant d'ores et deja annonce qu'il ne fera pas le deplacement, tout en menacant de faire scission si le reste de l'opposition y assistait.
The catastrophic collapse of microbubbles creates shock waves and velocity gradients between the polymer chain and solvent leading to polymer scission at the midpoint (11).
Maroc Telecom, egalement appele Itissalat AI-Maghrib (IAM), est une societe anonyme a Directoire et Conseil de surveillance, nee en 1998 de la scission de l'Office national des postes et telecommunications (ONPT).